Teriyaki Chicken Taco Delivery & Takeout

Teriyaki Chicken Taco Delivery & Takeout

If you ask us, the best kind of taco isn’t filled with ground beef. It’s made with teriyaki chicken! It might sound unconventional, but the savory-sweet flavor of teriyaki chicken mixed with fresh Mexican ingredients makes for a complete and satisfying meal.

Teriyaki Chicken Tacos

2 flour tortilla tacos filled with char-grilled teriyaki chicken, rice, black-bean corn salsa, & topped with Monterey Jack [...]

Teriyaki Chicken Burrito

12" flour tortilla filled with char-grilled teriyaki chicken, butter-lime rice, black-bean corn salsa,

Teriyaki Chicken Burrito Bowl

A bed of butter-lime rice topped with char-grilled teriyaki chicken, black-bean corn salsa, Monterey Jack cheese, garlic aioli [...]

Authentic Teriyaki Chicken Tacos

The next time you want to try something new, you can’t go wrong with teriyaki chicken taco delivery, especially when it’s available for lunch or dinner, seven days a week.

Kitchen United Mix delivers the best teriyaki chicken tacos in Scottsdale. Get fast delivery for one or multiply your order for a fun fusion fiesta with friends.

Authenticity and inventiveness are equally important when it comes to food. Regardless of traditional recipe protocol, we believe that the best foods offer a taste of something completely different and unique.

This is where fusion cuisine comes in — namely, teriyaki tacos. By combining delicious ingredients from all over the world, fusion tacos are the latest foodie trend to hit the takeout box. For flavor that’s over the top, you’ll want to go for teriyaki chicken tacos.

Local Teriyaki Chicken Taco Place

Island Loco in Scottsdale specializes in Hawaiian cuisine, which has mastered the art of pairing flavors from the East and West. Teriyaki chicken originates from Japan. The combination of sweet (from mirin, honey, or sugar), salty (from soy sauce), and spicy (usually garlic and ginger) is what produces that delicious teriyaki glaze.

Bringing the beloved taste of teriyaki to the ultimate portable food, tacos, is undoubtedly a winning combination. Island Loco wraps char-grilled teriyaki chicken with white rice and corn into fluffy, soft taco shells for the ultimate in fusion food.

In addition to teriyaki chicken tacos, Island Loco has also crafted the perfect kalua pork tacos. If you’ve never had kalua pork, it’s a masterful mix of tender, slow-cooked, shredded pork with a distinct flavor that’s almost like a Hawaiian take on teriyaki. Whether you opt for takeout or delivery, order teriyaki chicken tacos online for something flavorful and new.

Teriyaki Chicken Taco Delivery & Takeout faqs

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