Spam Musubi Delivery and Takeout

Spam Musubi Delivery and Takeout

Spam musubi is a roll-up of sliced, grilled spam and white rice all wrapped up into a perfect package using nori (Japanese seaweed). You can think of spam musubi as a tasty Hawaiian sandwich.

Where's the Spam?

Island Loco incorporates spam into several of its dishes, staying true to its tropical Hawaiian roots. The Hilo Bento meal includes garlic fried chicken, fried shrimp, and grilled spam, served with a generous heap of sticky white rice and a side of crunchy Asian slaw.

If you’re in the mood for teriyaki, choose the Kona bento, which is essentially the same thing, but with teriyaki chicken in place of fried chicken. Spam also makes an appearance in the spam loco meal, smothered in teriyaki sauce and served with a side of Hawaiian macaroni salad.

If you’ve never been to the Islands before, you can still try spam musubi delivery near you. With just a single order, Kitchen United Mix offers delivery and takeout from the best local restaurants, including Island Loco, a great place for Hawaiian fusion cuisine, right here in Scottsdale.

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The flavor party doesn’t stop with spam musubi at Island Loco. Round out your delivery or takeout meal with burrito bowls, burgers, and Island Loco’s famous furikake fries. Island Loco has a creative menu with meal options that you won’t find elsewhere.

Their mashup of Hawaiian, Mexican and Asian food creates unique and memorable meals with flavors from around the world. Don’t compromise or settle for a one-note meal.

Fortunately, you can have it all with Kitchen United Mix’s convenient food delivery service. If you want to pick up a little something extra for lunch tomorrow while you order dinner, you can throw in a salad from Saladworks or a curry dish from Thai Chili2go.

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