Corporate Lunch Delivery & Takeout

Corporate Lunch Delivery & Takeout

If you’re in charge of deciding what to order for a corporate lunch, don’t underestimate the flavorful possibilities at Kitchen United Mix. Impress your guests with restaurant-quality corporate lunch takeout that’s delivered directly to your office or venue.

Chicken Bento Box

Chicken prepared three (3) ways. Char-grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Karaage Fried Chicken & Garlic Fried Chicken. served with [...]

Crispy Cake Noodles

When you’re sweet and craving something savory get these deep fried egg noods, topped with an assortment of stir-fried veggies, [...]

Hello BBQ Wings

Classic BBQ sauce... classic BBQ flavor (mild). Served with a side of carrots and celery, and your choice of bleu cheese or [...]

Doris’ Garlic Sesame Wings

Aloha... these wings are doused in Doris’ famous garlic sauce. This sweet soy-garlic sesame sauce will be a crowd pleaser [...]

Hello Buffalo Wings

Classic Buffalo Sauce... classic Buffalo sauce flavor (Medium). Served with a side of carrots and celery, and your choice [...]

California Roll

Sushi rice rolled with imitation crab, cucumber and avocado, with nori seaweed inside.

Rainbow Roll

Sushi rice rolled with imitation crab, avocado, cucumber, with nori seaweed inside, topped with tuna, yellowtail, escolar [...]

Tuna Roll

Sushi rice rolled with tuna, with nori seaweed outside.

Hawiian Bento

Three (3) protein platter of Teriyaki Beef, Teriyaki Chicken & Kalua Pork. Served with one scoop of rice & choice of side [...]

Not Just Your Average Corporate Lunch Delivery

Get piping hot and fresh corporate lunch delivery orders, prepared specially for your group by the talented chefs at Kitchen United Mix.

Customize any order just the way you want it. Online delivery makes it easy to specify any food preparation details that you need to pull off a memorable meeting.

Choose anything from traditional Japanese food, authentic Thai dishes, or Hawaiian-fusion creations.

Want to keep your meeting fun and casual? How about an array of sliders from White Castle? Add sides of mac and cheese and a tray of warm brownies from Boston Market for the ultimate comfort cuisine that everyone will be sure to love.

If your group is a little more health-conscious, a selection of colorful salads from Saladworks will undoubtedly fit the bill.

Corporate lunch delivery service from Kitchen United Mix is your best-kept secret for creating the perfect atmosphere to connect with your clients, and talk business.

The Best Corporate Lunch Near Me

Set your company apart with stellar corporate lunch meals that are a cut above the rest. Don’t bore your clients or employees with lackluster cold sandwiches, spice it up with island burrito bowls, crispy shrimp tempura, or garlic sesame wings.

We’ve all heard the old saying that a way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.

Open the hearts and minds of your colleagues with a corporate lunch takeout spread that sets the tone for an innovative and collaborative environment.

There’s no better way to bond with a group than over a good meal. Keep everyone well-fed for your best shot at a successful get-together.

With corporate lunch delivery service from Kitchen United Mix, you’ll have one less thing to worry about as you prep the agenda. There are so many fabulous menu choices; your toughest decision will be what not to order.

Corporate Lunch Delivery & Takeout faqs

We’re a local kitchen center that contains multiple restaurants all focused on making food to go. We provide each restaurant with a fully licensed, dedicated kitchen so they can prepare fresh, delicious food. Everything is packaged for pickup or delivery.

Yes, you can place an order ahead here on our website. Order ahead from any of our 10+ great restaurants near Scottsdale.

Currently we don’t accept cash. You can use cash when you want to tip your driver in person.

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