Samlor Thai Street Food
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Samlor Thai Street Food

Samlor means three-wheeled bikes, "sam" means three and "lor" means wheel in Thai. Samlor symbol reminded me of a journey to a market full of delicious Thai street food and we want to bring it to you here.

Chicken Satay Rice Bowl

Grilled lemongrass chicken satay over rice served with authentic Thai peanut sauce.

Crispy Spring Rolls

Deep-fried spring roll stuffed with jicama, taro, water chestnut, shrimps and crab. Perfect with Thai sweet and sour dipping [...]

Garlic Pork

(Moo Thod Kratiem) Crispy pork with garlic pepper sauce over rice.

Garlic Tofu Rice Bowl

Crispy tofu with garlic pepper sauce over rice.

Pad Thai

Authentic stir-fried Thai rice noodles with rich, vibrant flavor of tamarind paste, choice of protein, egg, fried tofu, sweet [...]

Spicy Thai Basil Chicken

(Krapow Gai) Stir-fried Chicken (or other protein options) with Thai chili and garlic sauce finish with Thai Basil (Krapow) [...]

Thai Fried Rice

(Khao Pad) Savory Thai fried rice with your choice of protein, carrot and egg.