Membership options

Kitchen by the Hour

This shared-space solution is ideal for catering companies, mobile food vendors, pop-ups, farmer’s market vendors and incubator concepts. Our flexible, scalable and affordable membership options allow a food business to rent space when they need it for as little as two hours to over eighty hours a month.

Kitchen share special starting at $25/hour
Offer valid until July 31, 2018

Kitchen Share Hourly

Cold Prep $25/hour

Hot Prep $25/hour

Catering Hourly

Cold Prep $85/hour

Hot Prep $85/hour

Hourly Packages

Already have a tight schedule? Know what days you’re coming in, how many hours per week, per month? We have 40, 60, and 80 hour monthly packages that come hand-in-hand with storage space. Purchase up front, and then deduct hours as you book (via a package code). Package storage space is listed below, or contact us if you need even more hours.

Our commercial kitchens

Fully equipped commercial kitchens for rent spaces for food service providers to realize their fullest business potential.

  • Commercial kitchen equipment, BOH storage facilities, & other infrastructure
  • Dedicated customizable commercial kitchen space
  • Shared commercial kitchen spaces
  • Exclusive catering kitchen for rent
  • Minimal risk and capital outlay

Back of house services

  • 24×7 access
  • Certified food-safe facilities and staffing
  • Video surveillance and security
  • Secure receiving, logging and access
  • Small wares
  • On-site parking
Delivery Kitchens
  • POS services
  • Simplified delivery software technology
  • Delivery optimized environment
  • Local ordering and retail pickup
  • Local marketing support
  • Certified food-safe management ServSafe
  • Certified food-safe environments (Eco Safe)
Shared Kitchens
  • 12 unique hot and cold line environments
  • In-advance scheduling
  • Bulk packages
  • Local refrigeration/freezer access
  • Large four-wall catering kitchen
  • Access to growing Kitchen United community
  • Meetup educational events

40 Hours

Access to the kitchen for 40 hours per month
Two shelf dry storage
One shelf cold storage

$1,000 PER MONTH

60 Hours

Access to the kitchen for 60 hours per month
Two shelves dry storage
Two shelves cold storage
One shelf freezer storage

$1,500 PER MONTH

80 Hours

Access to the kitchen for 80 hours per month
Three shelves dry storage
Two shelves cold storage
Two shelves freezer storage

$2,000 PER MONTH

40 Hours Catering

$3,400 PER MONTH

60 Hours Catering

$5,100 PER MONTH

80 Hours Catering

$6,800 PER MONTH


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