The Questions We Get The Most About Virtual Kitchens and Off-Premise, Pt. II

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The Questions We Get The Most About Virtual Kitchens and Off-Premise, Pt. II

This post contains highlights from our webinar: How to Evaluate Virtual Kitchens. Follow this link to watch the webinar in its entirety.

Kitchen United was founded with the mission to help restaurants succeed. One way we do this is by building kitchen centers that are custom-designed to serve the to-go food economy in a turnkey, capital-light, and cost-effective way. As we lead the charge in off-premise dining with our innovative approach, we receive a lot of questions about virtual kitchens. We answered some of the most commonly asked questions in Part I. Today we’re going to answer a few more.

Q: What’s involved with onboarding?

A: Kitchen United partners with you to ensure a seamless onboarding process for every new member. Our onboarding team works with you to achieve each milestone so that you can get into a kitchen facility and start serving by your desired date. While we provide support every step of the way, you’ll need the following items for onboarding:

  1. Onboarding management team
  2. Health permit
  3. Business information
  4. Local and state business tax registration
  5. Food safety & certificate
  6. Proof of general product/liability insurance

Q: Do you take a cut from each order?

A: Membership includes a fixed monthly fee and a MIX channel fee for all orders placed through Kitchen United MIX i.e., our website or our onsite kiosks. Together, they pay for a restaurant member’s rent, utilities, technology expenses, labor, and support. One of our most popular features with customers, Kitchen United Mix is our front-of-house and online-ordering channel that allows customers to order from multiple restaurants on the same bill.

Q: How does this opportunity work during COVID-19?

A: The process itself has not changed for our restaurant members, but internally we’ve made adjustments to make sure that our restaurants and consumers have a great experience. That includes:

  1. Fully-support onboarding practices
  2. Ongoing marketing and operational support
  3. New levels of sanitation procedures adhered to front-and-back of house

Learn more about how to evaluate virtual kitchens in our webinar hosted by Anthony Green, SVP of Sales, Fia’apia Ewing, Sr. Director of Member Success, and Joy Lai, Chief Operating Officer.

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