Restaurant & Employee Support Tracker

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Restaurant & Employee Support Tracker

This page contains resources for support and assistance for both restaurants and restaurant employees, as well as a brief section with industry news. We will update frequently. – KU


Restaurants do their best to come through for their employees — 3.25

Across the country restaurants are trying to support their staff while doing their utmost to stay in business.

Local Hospitality Coalitions come together to support restaurants — 3.22

Chefs & restaurateurs are forming hospitality coalitions to influence city and state governments to support the industry.

A plea for restaurant relief from major NY restaurateurs — 3.25

A group of restaurant owners and operators lay out the national situation, and provide clarity and urgency to what the industry needs and why it needs it now.


Funds, Relief & Support

General Resources

Eater has an excellent list of funds to support both restaurants and restaurant employees, including a substantial list of local funds and efforts.

National Restaurant Association Covid-19 Resources

For Restaurants

Yelp’s Coronavirus support

Dining Bond Initiative

Give Local

For Employees

Restaurant Workers’ Relief Program

National support fund & meals for industry employees program. Active in Louisville, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Cincinnati, Brooklyn, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Lexington, Boston, San Francisco, and New Orleans so far.

Bartender Emergency Assistance Program

Financial support for suddenly unemployed bartenders & their families.

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation

General worker relief fund and loans for small independent restaurants.

Restaurant Opportunities Centers United Relief Resources

Links to government assistance, donations for restaurant workers, job listings.


Jobs & Hiring:

LinkedIn National Hiring List

Including but not limited to the below companies that have announced national hiring plans:

At limited service or reduced to off-premise only? Look to our Takeout and Delivery Best Practices Getting Started and Marketing posts for quick to-dos to ramp up business.

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