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KU brings down barriers to growth and provides a turnkey way to enter new markets quickly and inexpensively, capturing your share of the off-premise, on-demand evolution. KU's intelligent virtual restaurant solution creates a better path way for you to get closer to the consumer and add more value to your business. Find out how KU can help your business thrive.

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Virtual Restaurants

Through an aggressive commitment to revolutionize the food delivery business, KU offers powerful ways for you to expand into new markets quickly and easily.

  • Insight into demographic data and cuisine-specific demand mapping
  • Access to new markets with minimal risk and capital outlay
  • Reach new markets and meet the growing demand for new dining options

Back of House Services

  • Exclusive catering kitchen
  • 24/7 kitchen production
  • Laundry and dish washing
  • Video surveillance, even in walk-in refrigerators
  • Lockable supplies storage
  • Dedicated dry, cold and frozen storage
  • Data-driven analytics and cuisine-specific mapping
  • Leadership in strategic expansion
  • KU handles utilities, trash removal and pest control
  • Access to Wi-Fi & printing
  • Catering & special event opportunities
  • Branding, marketing & social media
  • Entrepreneurship training & counseling
  • Accounting & bookkeeping guidance
  • Distribution services at better than market rate
  • Cash flow optimization
  • Opportunities to host classes, dinners & pop-ups

See how KU makes it easier to reach your consumers where they are

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