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We at Kitchen United are vested in your success. See how our commercial kitchen spaces will help your food business thrive.

Kitchen Rentals

Kitchen United is introducing a new and unique commercial kitchen for rent opportunity for food service providers to realize their fullest business potential. For restaurants this means providing a top-tier food production facility combined with insights and ideas on how to profitably expand into the food delivery business. For entrepreneurial caterers, pop-ups, mobile food vendors and start-ups, we provide shared commercial kitchen space, business intelligence, and resources to succeed with minimal risk and capital outlay.

Kitchen United Commercial Kitchens

Our commercial kitchens

Fully equipped commercial kitchens for rent spaces for food service providers to realize their fullest business potential.

  • Commercial kitchen equipment, BOH storage facilities, & other infrastructure
  • Dedicated customizable commercial kitchen space
  • Shared commercial kitchen spaces
  • Exclusive catering kitchen for rent
  • Minimal risk and capital outlay

Back of house services

  • 24×7 access
  • Certified food-safe facilities and staffing
  • Video surveillance and security
  • Secure receiving, logging and access
  • Small wares
  • On-site parking
Delivery Kitchens
  • POS services
  • Simplified delivery software technology
  • Delivery optimized environment
  • Local ordering and retail pickup
  • Local marketing support
  • Certified food-safe management ServSafe
  • Certified food-safe environments (Eco Safe)
Shared Kitchens
  • 12 unique hot and cold line environments
  • In-advance scheduling
  • Bulk packages
  • Local refrigeration/freezer access
  • Large four-wall catering kitchen
  • Access to growing Kitchen United community
  • Meetup educational events

Kitchen United

See how we make it easier to reach your consumers where they are

Membership options to meet your unique needs

Kitchen United offers two very flexible membership options for food service providers to take advantage of quickly and easily starting as low as $25/hour.

Our Locations

Pasadena, CA

Kitchen United Pasadena is comprised of 12,000 square feet of fully equipped kitchen space, infrastructure, and BOH storage facilities.

55 South Madison Avenue,
Pasadena, CA 91101

Check back for new locations!

Kitchen United

Kitchen United Chiefs

Jim Collins
Jim Collins
Chief Executive Officer
Meredith Sandland
Meredith Sandland
Chief Operating Officer
Atul Sood
Atul Sood
Chief Business Officer
Massimo Noja de Marco
Massimo Noja de Marco
Chief Culinary Officer

Kitchen United

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