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Have a site to propose for a Kitchen United kitchen center? Submit it below. Kitchen United is looking to partner with forward-thinking real estate brokers, landlords, and developers who don’t want to do business as usual. Restaurant-ready sites not required.

Considering sites with the following specifications:

  • Easy auto access off of major thoroughfares
  • 6.5-12K square feet
  • Single story or basement/first floor with pre-vented chases
  • Zoned light industrial or commercial
  • 10 dedicated or pick up only parking spots immediately adjacent
  • Site space available for trash enclosure, make-up air units

Market demographics:

  • Major metropolitan markets
  • Trade area population density > 5,000 per square mile
  • Daytime population density > 5,000 per square mile
  • Median age < 40 years old

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