Beef Bowl Food Delivery & Takeout

Beef Bowl Food Delivery & Takeout

Beef and broccoli are a notoriously delicious combination. When they’re added to a bowl with a delicious sauce, it’s a meal that’s hard to beat. In fact, one of the only things that could beat it is the addition of some tasty cauliflower wings and a nutella chia pudding.

Meals Done Right with Kitchen United Mix

We’re Kitchen United Mix. Located in Chicago’s River North district, we’re the food hall that turns your food dreams into reality. We’ve got 10+ restaurants housed under one roof meaning that you can get any meal you can think of for either delivery or takeout.

Best Beef and Broccoli Bowl Places in Chicago

Say you’re in the mood for the beef and broccoli bowl delivery, with ginger bowls this meal can be yours in less time than you’d think. ginger bowls is the place to go for Asian-inspired dishes. The bowls they serve are healthy and packed with delicious toppings. Even better, they offer options to meet any dietary needs—without compromising flavor.

Options for Everyone

At Ginger bowls, they want to please all eaters with their fresh and delicious bowls. That’s why they’ve included a bunch of options to meet any dietary needs.

In fact, their Impossible beef and broccoli dish is both vegan and gluten-free! Even if you want to create your own bowl, you can choose from meat-free proteins like sesame tofu and flash-fried cauliflower.

If you’re gluten free, you can enjoy a bowl made with either cauliflower rice or purple sweet potato noodles. All of their sauce options are vegan and gluten-free, too!

The Impossible Becomes Possible

With Ginger bowls, the impossible becomes possible with their Impossible beef and broccoli dish. Impossible Brands “beef” is served with broccoli, sweet caramelized onions, crisp kale, sweet peppers, green onions, and a house-made ginger garlic sauce.

It comes with sesame seeds and ginger bowl’s seven spiced rice crispies to top it all off. So, if you’ve just typed “beef and broccoli bowl near me” into your search engine, search no more. As one of the best local beef and broccoli bowl places, Ginger bowls should get your order—go ahead and place it now!

Beef Bowl Food Delivery & Takeout faqs

Kitchen United Mix brings together a variety of great restaurants at a single location for easy takeout and delivery.

Currently we don’t accept cash. You can use cash when you want to tip your driver in person.

Yes, you can place an order ahead here on our website. Order ahead from any of our 10+ great restaurants in Chicago.

Yes, we offer multiple restaurants ordering.

Kitchen United Mix is set up for delivery and pick-up. All food is packaged to-go.

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