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Your Guide to Soul Foods – How To Order Soul Foods

Soul food was born in the southern part of the United States.  The typical soul food dinner always includes some southern deep fried chicken, some form of greens (usually collard greens with lots of Cajun spices) and some fresh baked cornbread.  Sometimes there are green beans and ham or bacon mixed in, fried okra, beans […]

Can You Catch Coronavirus (COVID-19) from Food? 

Is it safe to use food delivery services during the pandemic?  Experts agree that it is highly unlikely that COVID-19 can be spread through food Diligent hand-washing is key to reducing risks of spreading COVID-19  Many food delivery services are offering “contactless delivery” options Food delivery services are helping keep small businesses afloat Try multi-restaurant […]

Top 30 Foods to Order for Lunch (Delivery & Takeout)

What to Order for Lunch, Tough Decisions When you’re in the office or at home and don’t know what to order for lunch, consider items that will get you through your day, not just hold you over!  There are many options to consider, but make sure you’re consuming your daily doses of protein and vitamins!  […]

Popular Japanese Dishes You Should Try 

Japanese food is a hit around the globe and quite similar to Chinese food dishes, but a lot more fish and seafood is involved.  Many of the favorites revolve around fresh slices of fish or sashimi, sushi rolls, nigiri and others that you will find on a Japanese sushi menu.  However, some of the best […]

Thai Food Guide for Beginners

How To Order Thai Food And Types You Make Like There are over 5,000 Thai restaurants in the United States. It’s a cuisine for people who love spicy foods, noodles, and rice draped in lettuce with vegetables.  If you aren’t a fan of spicy, there are plenty of sweet and salty alternatives.  There is also […]

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Takeout and Delivery Best Practices: Getting Started and Set Up

How to set up and start your delivery and takeout business on the right foot…and fast. There’s no sugarcoating the fact that the COVID-19 crisis seems custom made to slam the brakes on the restaurant and hospitality industries. A vast majority of restaurants are set up for dine-in to drive revenue and a small side […]

From Zero To Awesome: Turning Food Preparation Into An Enterprise

Kitchen United’s first commercial kitchen space in Pasadena, CA opened this week. It’s an exciting step to see the proof of concept come to life and get such great feedback. The space is fully rented out, and every chef we talk to is intrigued by the idea of being able to efficiently serve delivery, takeout, […]

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