Spring Rolls Delivery & Takeout Near Alhambra

Spring Rolls Delivery & Takeout Near Alhambra

When you’re looking for places that deliver spring rolls, Samlor Thai Street Food is just around the corner near Alhambra. It is sure to be your go-to local spring roll place, but to save your gas and energy, you can opt for delivery with visit Kitchen United Mix and order spring rolls online instead. You can get the spring roll delivery that you are craving without having to leave the couch.

Crispy Spring Rolls

Deep-fried spring roll stuffed with jicama, taro, water chestnut, shrimps and crab. Perfect with Thai sweet and sour dipping [...]

Chicken Satay Rice Bowl

Grilled lemongrass chicken satay over rice served with authentic Thai peanut sauce.

Garlic Pork

(Moo Thod Kratiem) Crispy pork with garlic pepper sauce over rice.

Samlor Thai Street Food

Savor the flavors of Thailand with dishes from Samlor Thai Street Food. Thai cuisine is famous for its strong aromatic components and spicy edge. One of the main, traditional delicacies is the spring roll. They are a common snack in Asia and have been introduced to countries around the world. Now, spring rolls are a favorite appetizer for everyone!

At Samlor Thai Street Food, the spring rolls come deep-fried and deliciously crispy. They are stuffed with healthy veggies including jicama, taro, and water chestnut. Plus, they have fresh shrimp and crab inside as well. Your order of spring rolls comes with the perfect Thais sweet and sour sauce for dipping.

Make it a Meal

When you place your spring roll order for carryout, don’t forget to add something a little heartier for the main course. Samlor Thai Street Food has plenty of options to choose from include Pad Thai, Spicy Thai Basil Chicken, and Garlic Pork.

The Chicken Satay Rice Bowl is a crowd favorite. It is a juicy lemongrass chicken satay grilled to perfection which is served over a steaming hot bowl of rice and drizzled with an authentic Thai peanut sauce. You will definitely not be disappointed.

Best Spring Roll Places

You can give up your search for the best spring rolls near Alhambra because you have found them! Samlor Thai Street Food is your new favorite spot. Your days of searching for “spring rolls near me” are behind you forever–we promise!

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