Japanese Food Delivery & Takeout Near Alhambra

Japanese Food Delivery & Takeout Near Alhambra

If you still think Japanese food is just about sushi and ramen, it’s time you revisit the cuisine! There are plenty of delicious dishes to explore. Happily, you can find two of the most popular and best Japanese food places near Alhambra on Kitchen United Mix: Tokyo Riso and Mama Musubi.

Black Garlic Miso Ramen

Savory miso broth infused with black garlic oil, ramen (wheat noodles), soft-boiled egg, wakame (seaweed), bean sprouts, corn, [...]

Grilled Salmon Bowl

Grilled Atlantic salmon with your choice of sauce over choice of rice and Organic spring mix salad. Create your own flavor [...]

Sashimi Salad

Fresh, organic spring mix salad with chef's choice sashimi and ginger-soy dressing

Shoyu Ramen

Flavorful, soy sauce-Choose your based broth (shoyu) with ramen (wheat noodles), soft-boiled egg, wakame (seaweed), bean sprouts, [...]

Tokyo Riso: Japanese Fusion

Tokyo Riso is a Japanese fusion joint. Its name alone is a giveaway – a blend of Japanese and Italian. (Hint: riso means “rice” in Italy.)

The restaurant actually has two locations, one in Pasadena and a second store coming up in Santa Monica. Tokyo Riso lives up to its promise of “bringing Japanese Fusion to your door” with a rather eclectic mix of offerings.

When you are ready to place your Japanese food delivery order from Tokyo Riso, consider these popular sellers: the Grilled Salmon Bowl, Veggie Tempura, or Udon Carbonara! All these menu items consist of healthy ingredients that are full of flavor.

Mama Musubi: Gourmet Rice Balls

Also located along Madison Avenue in Pasadena, Mama Musubi is a Japanese food restaurant that traces its name to the little rice balls that are a popular traditional Japanese food snack. These tasty treats are also very popular in Hawaii, where they are often served with a slice of Spam.

If you are craving that Hawaiian flavor, opt for an order of the Spam Fried Rice. It is one of the best sellers at Mama Musubi! Other great options include the two or three rice ball sets and the Salmon Teriyaki bowls. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of Mama’s dishes.

Kitchen United Mix is Standing By

Snag a meal from either Mama Musubi or Tokyo Riso, two of the most popular local Japanese food delivery places in Alhambra, with ease when you use Kitchen United Mix.

Japanese Food Delivery & Takeout FAQs

Kitchen United Mix brings together a variety of great restaurants at a single location for easy takeout and delivery.

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